Cadet Winton

Yorkshire Selection Criteria

Selection for the Yorkshire squad is carried out by the Yorkshire Committee usually in October. We aim to pick the team as fairly as possible using national and regional rankings to base our decisions on. The order in which we use the ranking is listed below.

  1. Senior, Junior and Cadet National Rankings
  2. Leon Paul Junior Series
  3. Youth League Rankings

Where we have no ranking information the committee picks the team based on the knowledge and understanding of fencers within the region


How does the team thing work?

There are six teams per county one for each of the weapons. The teams will fence each other, and the winner is the region with the most victories.

How much fencing happens?

Two days worth. Fencing starts at about 10am on Saturday and finishes at 9pm on Saturday. Sunday starts at about 9am and finishes about 2-4pm.

Prizes and awards

Each year the county strives to recognise both outstanding performance as well as good team spirit. With this in mind small prizes are awarded for the best team and best male and female fencers.

We also recognise team members who go beyond the call of duty in either their support of the whole team, or just the effort they put in. For this person we award the “Winton Star” cup. The idea came about after the team support witnessed a single fencer put in an unprecidented amount of effort to rally and support the team.

Where is it held?

Millfield School in Summerset

How do we get there?

The county usually hires a couple of minibuses, and then drives round the county picking the team up before setting off for sumerset. We usually pick up at Boston Spa, Skipton, Ferrybridge, and somewhere along the M1.

When do we eat?

Breakfast is provided saturday and sunday. Also Saturday dinner and Sunday Lunch are provided as part of the trip.

Who goes with the team?

Usually regional committee members, coopted helpers and referees.

When do we get back

Usuall late on Sunday night, dropping off in the same places we picked up from.